Seasonality is the term used to describe recurring patterns year-on-year. Some stocks may have strong yearly recurring trends. A number of factors can cause these recurring patterns, some sector specific and some stock specific. It is important to remember that stocks that pay dividends at regular yearly intervals will often have sharp recurring drops in stock price - however it is also the case that for a lot of stocks the downward fall in price is not the same as the dividend paid. As with any statistics, caution must be taken when interpreting the data. Charts are updated daily using the latest available data.

NXG: Monthly Price Change (Average of up to 10 years data)

This graph shows the average change in the stock price over each month of the year, using up to 10 years of historical data. It uses the first closing stock price and last closing stock price of each month to calculate the percentage change. Hover over the graph to see the change for the individual years used in the calculation. Be cautious of any large outlying values which will affect the average.

NXG: Price Fluctuations (Average of up to 10 years data)

This graph shows the relative movement of the stock price over the year, averaged using up to 10 years of historical data. It is an index where the value of 100 represents the average stock price for the year, and all other values are the relative position of the stock price compared to that average. In order to make the graph data more consistent, a rolling 7 day average of this index is displayed - so caution must be taken when looking at values for individual dates.

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