ASIC data for stock with code NDIA not found. This may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • There is no ASX stock with this code.
  • The stock has never been shorted since ASIC began releasing short position reports.
  • The stock has been shorted but the ASIC reporting delay of T+4 days has not passed.
  • The stock has been shorted and the short position was closed out on the same day.
Current position
Unavailable N/A
1 day N/A
1 week N/A
1 month N/A
Stock information
*ASIC data delayed by 4 trading days (T+4)

Stock stats
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Most Recent Short Sales

Data graphed above represents aggregate short sales, provided by ASIC with a lag of 4 trading days (T+4). The ASX releases non-aggregated daily short sales figures which can be used as an indication of short sales activity within this 4 day window. These figures are released by the ASX daily and cover the previous days activity and can be found here